International Medical




Annual Conference

Due to reasons outside of our control, the iMTQA 2023 Conference will be rescheduled to 2024.

New dates and location will be announced soon.

What does iMTQA do?

  1. Develops accreditation standards for Medical Tai Chi & Qigong instructors (MTQI) worldwide.
  2. Establish new education and training modules (NETM) for Tai Chi Qigong (TQ) training providers in partnership with industry, universities, and TQ education & training providers
  3. Administers the Medical Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor Certification (CMTQI) program and promote iMTQA members.
  4. Organizes conferences, workshops & training events for iMTQA members, including the iMTQA Annual Conference which brings together leading researchers and practitioners to present and discuss the medical science and art of Tai Chi Qigong.

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