Benefits of Membership

Although iMTQA started several years ago, the world-wide pandemic put a hold on our plans. We hope to get back up and running within the next year. The iMTQA will eventually become the peak membership organization for your profession and accredits and represents qualified practitioners of Tai Chi and Qigong mind-body medicine. Qualified Members: iMTQA intends to provide significant professional support and valuable benefits for all members who are registered Medical Tai Chi and Qigong Instructors (RMTQI).          

Membership of iMTQA will be recognized worldwide in the Tai Chi & Qigong and healthcare professional communities. We hope someday to provide the following benefits:         

The iMTQArepresents members’ interests at federal, state and provincial government level & advocates for best outcomes for both members and the profession.  

Once we get our database up and running, listings in our website’s database for the general public and medical communities, will help the iMTQAto promote our qualified members to both  communities and allow easy access to referral information for medical and health professionals.        

We intend that our fully qualified instructor members will have access a broad range of services and support including industry-specific information, advice, support and resources.

In the future, members will receive periodic Electronic Newsletters as a regular communication about industry developments that will impact on you as a health professional.

In the future, we hope to provide discounted conference fees & events registration for members, as well as discounts on national and international Tai Chi and Qigong conferences.  

In the future, our members will be eligible to apply for discounted group professional indemnity insurance and associated insurance products.  

Members will have opportunities to participate in scholarly activities in collaboration with academic researchers, health professionals and tai chi and qigong masters. These activities will provide members with invaluable networking and collaboration opportunities.